Monday, January 12, 2009

DECA update

Well, I'm just going to make a quick update on DECA.
This year I guess I did relatively well but somehow I feel really bad about it. At least it's better than my last year's 7th place in overall... hopefully I was 4th this year.
What makes me angry is the 1st and 3rd place from MV. It's unfair.. but is life fair. N-O.

At least we also placed in the marketing research overall top finalists. I can't believe the research events were combined. That means we're top from the school... not at this conference though.

Tomorrow FRQ, as a strong apusher (not) I really need to go make up some sample questions and create outlines.

Not so exciting. and YAY I got a new story ...on sophomores and AP classes.

Losing weight

Today's my first day of my fruit/veggies diet. really. what a diet.
I guess I've been gaining some unnecessary weight lately and I've discovered that as I was wearing my used-to-be-perfectly-fitted khakis from last year at DECA. Since I couldn't fit in it.... in turn I had to wear my mom's.
Anyways I'm really hungry and I'm sick of salad. Extremely sick of it.

I strongly dislike math right now. got to go.