Saturday, August 16, 2008


my favorite dog: didi
University of Pacific piano camp 1st day, and last day. Wonderful soft serve ice cream. Appetizing. definitely .

My dog is in the sink. Normally he (my dog) does not look like that. Washing my dog is my chipmunk friend Steven. YAY. he's my nannie.
Speech Camp. G-A-C! G-A-C! S-S-I! S-S-I! We own the room!
Fun times at Minnesota. Daily warm-ups. Tongue twisters. Dorms. Kris. Intense speech making. This picture was taken the second to last day and we were looking for our tournament rooms.

That's about it. Wrapping up the summer with those pictures. School's starting soon, Really not excited. except for some specific classes. more posts later. ..


steven said...

i like your background a lot
hmm can you blog about today? im gonna update today
1st comment woo

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khjstorytime said...

hey, nice pictures! I love didi too.