Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hate is such a strong word. I would chose the word dislike for this type of thing.
I dislike arrogant people. What do I mean by arrogant.. well you can ask steven the smartie pig. justkidding. steven the average intelligent pig. just kidding. steven the average human.

Steven obviously thinks naicheng is arrogant. Maybe he is .. and maybe not. I don't really care.
I have some things to complain and rant about people in general.
Why do they act like bulldozers.
Okay whatever i'm not even using the right word. "bulldozer" just came out of nowhere. it just popped up in my head.
I should be studying for the FRQ right now so I think I should do that too.
I have to sign up for a speech and debate touranment.. after all my long work at minnesota I should serve it justice.
This is my to do list
1. mock trial
2. winterball figure out who's going
3. speech and debate
4. study for deca
5. study for finals.
Studying for finals should actually be my first priority... I just thought of it last, how ironic.

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