Thursday, December 18, 2008

End of Finals, finally

This past week has been long. And slow. Not to mention that I failed all my finals except for my Spanish Oral final which I got an A minus on. Sometimes wouldn't it just be better if people just had a simple life instead of competing in this extreme dog-eat-dog world. Everything's so tense, making me even more stressed.

Funny thing I'm saying that. I don't think I'm stressed out until the last minute...and by last minute I mean it literally. It's not until two hours before the final where I actually start freaking out.

I don't understand how people can even survive through the year like this. It amazes me how people I know can get in colleges that are above and beyond... I mean UPenn. Come on, that's like the best college in the world. I'm still in shock. I didn't know getting in was even possible.

Today we finished our four-week (kind of) Frostie Friends Secret Santa exchange. I always wondered why journo calls it Frostie Friends when everyone else calls it Secret Santa. I've never heard of Frostie Friends before. People even think it's funny when we refer to it as 'Frostie Friends'. It kind of reminds me of Frostie the Snowman which also triggers another memory of students making fun of someone because their name rhymed with Frostie.... How lame.

"I have to give this to him because she told me to"
"Oh cool. For yearbook?"
"Yeah. I really want to know what it is....Don't you guys have that too?"
"Mhm. Frostie Friends?"

Alright. that was the conversation about my really unimportant conversation about Frostie Friends. I think journo secret santa is cute though, better than any other organizations' classes' etc. We get four gifts instead of one. That's a lot. Leadership does it too. Wow. If people are in both leadership and journo... they get double the presents. Lucky.

Shopping tomorrow? Maybe. I haven't gone in a while and if I do I'll be extremly excited. This all depends on if Mock Trial has a meeting tomorrow. Hopefully not. I haven't gone over my directs with the witnesses, well only one. Got to get to work.

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steven said...

yay! arent you excited we get to go shopping tomorrow? you deserve a reward for getting through this 1st semester at the hardest school in the hardest grade with the hardest classes